Whether your organization is large or small, a grants department can be a tangled web.  Let us help you learn and organize through the following ways.

Policy Development:

Precision has the proven capability to develop policy to streamline your processes for enhanced time management, tracking, and management.

Our goal is to enhance your efficacy – Precision provides sound grant policy development for your institution through a customized plan for policy implementation.  Full service with needs assessment, team interviews, draft, and review. With thorough investigation, we will provide the best practices for you for how-to delegate and enhance every piece of your grants department from applications to accurate reporting—enabling you to revitalize your system
Our staff will take the time to meet with your program and provide a clear needs assessment to target specific areas for development. Following initial meetings, we work to produce grant policy for implementation with a systemic draft process and policy training.


Want to empower your team to understand the grant process? We’ve got you covered.

Let us know your vision and we will develop a specialized curriculum to meet your needs. Some examples of prior trainings include: Grants 101, Non-profit Start Up, Grant Specific Training, Database Tracking and Reporting, and Reducing Barriers to Application Formation.
To schedule a meeting or to obtain more information contact us.