Grant Research

Trouble finding funding?

Let us get you started with a complete spreadsheet listing all of the matching opportunities.  We'll rank them according to win-ability and provide you detailed summaries for the best matches!

Grant Writing & Applications

Know your opportunity but need a writer?

Our pass rate rests above 75% for federal opportunities.  We have the capability to create, manage, and package any and all applications.

Grant Management

Lost in rules and regulations?

Reporting has become more regulated in recent years.  Let us help you navigate the process, learn the rules, and assist in your reports.

We also can aid in any budget updates or other changes!

Policy and Training

Need to learn more about grants --or get the department organized?

We provide customized trainings for individuals and organizations online or in person! Anddd, we can even start on your internal policy set up.


Plan for funding

Grants are meant to develop and enhance projects and organizations.  To create a sustainable vision through funding applications will require a systematic plan.  We at Precision look forward to creating a complete grant timeline and funding strategy to ensure your success over time.

Procurement and Reporting

The Federal Government has been implementing increased regulations since the inception of the Code of Federal Regulations.  New protocols for purchasing have begun.

Do you know if you are in compliance?


Next Steps...

Reach out to us today to get your ideas in motion.  We will customize and deliver a fully detailed proposal to fit your needs.