Rural Utilities Service Distance Learning & Telemedicine Grant

2nd 2020 RUS DLT Highlights

2nd RUS DLT Grant Overview 2020

The USDA's Rural Utilities Services Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant provides assistance to rural communities by supporting telecommunication enabled equipment to connect to both educational and medical services to each other and the nation.

This grant is ideal for small schools and rural health providers to NOW receive up to $1,000,000 for all partners to split on equipment...and Precision will secure your win.   See below for more information and click through the menu for detail on specific topics.

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What can RUS DLT do for YOUR organization?

This grant will support the purchase of real-time distance learning equipment and other related technology that enhances your network connection. All partners can choose the utilization and participation based on their needs.


Priority points for sites in Quality Opportunity Zones.

Services and Telemedicine Focus

  • Enhance staff development opportunities
  • Live visits for Social Service partners or Health collaborations
  • Priority given to Opioid Addiction services and training!
  • Get Kiosk or Telemedicine Carts

Educational Focus

  • Virtual Fieldtrips and Collaboration opportunities
  • Internships, Wellness, Tutoring, etc.
  • Live Learning and collaboration: Dual Enrollment, Increased electives, Professional Development and Retention, Teacher Recruitment
  • Priority given to STEM Focused applications!

Types of Eligible Equipment

  • Video Conferencing Equipment - Codecs, Cameras
  • Software based collaboration tools such as Jabber & WebEx
  • Network Switches & cabling
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Wireless Network equipment
  • Phone system paired w/video[/one_half]
  • Personal Devices – Laptops, CPU’s, tablets, and Chromebooks (limited amounts)
  • Audio/Video equipment – Example: LED Screens, projectors, Interactive Whiteboards
  • Specific Educational technology such as STEM kits, Document Camera’s, etc.
  • Telemedicine Carts

Is it a consortium partner based grant?

Yes, but while it is collaborative we are able to link you to interested partners and add your suggested linkages. Also, you can choose your role…do you want to be LEAD APPLICANT or be a PARTNER?

What’s it going to cost?

$0 REQUIRED to participate…because RUS DLT pools match from all partners’ in-kind match or cash match contributions. Overall, if your organization does not have any planned purchases, you are still eligible to participate.

How’s the match work?

Match: Is defined as cash or equipment will be purchased independently and support this distance learning grant. These purchases will be made from budgeted school or organization funds -NOT federal funding nor this grant opportunity.

This grant is a reimbursement and equipment-based grant. In response to the proof of your purchases, you will receive DLT equipment to expand your learning programs.

The match amount is determined from the total pooled contributions of the entire consortia and must be 15% or a maximum of around $150K in addition to the grant amount.

A simply put example: once the consortia proves it spent $75,000 by submitting invoices for match, it then receives $500,000 in grant equipment—with a total of $575,000 in expenditures.

In turn, we will ask each partner to describe any planned IT expenditures (i.e. network switches, servers, etc.) for the upcoming year that will support the DLT project.

How much are we going to get?

Max award size is $1MM per project. $30K-$60k average award amount per site depending on quantity of partners.

Is it going to take up all my time?

30 min con call with our grant team to discuss your needs, Signed Letter of support & Federal Certifications (you’ve likely signed these before), completion of two surveys, intended match purchase sheet, and availability for additional conversations.

See more on the Official USDA RUS DLT Program Website