Overwhelmed Fed. Grant review system, DELAYS AWARD release by over 7 months….GUESS WHY?

Despite the loud promotion by the USDA encouraging rural areas to respond to their 2nd RFP for the year in response to the emergent COVID-19 needs. Since submitting in July of 2020, RUS Distance Learning Telemedicine Grant applicants have heard not even faint whispers of their constituents' hope and dreams for reliable virtual networking.

NOW FINALLY, an UPDATE about the USDA RUS Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant Round #2 for the 2020 Application Season!!!

While this seven-month timeline continues to pull applicants' into an endless pit of anticipation; the FULL AWARD announcement release is SUSPECTED any day now!!

BUT, why this long-awaited notice??

Perhaps the RECORD-BREAKING 534 SUBMISSIONS -almost double that of Round #1?!?!?!?

And the nail biting only worsens when you hear their ## of SUCCESFUL AWARDS.....


ONLY 85 AWARDS!!!!!!!!!

Best of luck to all in the most competitive season in years!!!